• The company received the award together with other companies such as IBM, Bayer and Canal 13.
  • Through this award, the Chilean Safety Association gives recognition to companies that have managed to excel in occupational health and safety.

Within the framework of the 1st Meeting of Outstanding Companies in Occupational Health and Safety Matters held at the Workers Hospital, Traza was a major player and received the recognition presented by the Chilean Safety Association to organizations that have managed to substantially improve their accident rates.

“For Traza, receiving this safety award is extremely important. It is a recognition of the effort not only of the company, the leaders and senior management, but also of the people, the supervisors and those who are in the field every day. . Taking care of the people who love us is essential; this is a recognition of a long work that continues and transcends in time”, was claimed by Ramón Cañas, General Manager, when referring to this milestone.


For Cristian Araya, Head of the Risk Prevention Area, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. While the challenge was difficult and involved a great effort from the company, the whole team worked deeply towards the goal of creating a preventive culture and awareness in our workers so that they protect themselves. We are interested in announcing what we are doing because we work hand in hand with some of our customers such as Entel and VTR, whose safety standards are also our own”.


For Traza, a fundamental aspect of risk prevention is road accidents. Miguel Ramos, Operations Manager, states, “the reduction of these accidents is due to defensive driving courses; while fundamental actions such as the use of a helmet, goggles and safety shoes, have been facilitating us to improve the accident rate and occupational health of all the company’s team, helping us to go back home safely to our family”..

All these guidelines aim to maintain this new accident rate and improve it in the next years, as well as to continue with the prevention culture that currently makes Traza a renowned benchmark..