Certification and Network Inspection

We certify or inspect fiber optic and HFC networks projects to ensure that the new infrastructure meets the mechanical and electronic conditions defined in the designs, allowing its integration into the network in service without disruptions or undesired effects for the active customers.


Technical Inspection of Network Deployment

We take on the responsibility of ensuring that all network deployment and modification activities, conducted both in public spaces and technical sites, are carried out in strict accordance with the standards, designs, plans, regulations, and procedures established by our clients, encompassing both technical aspects and risk prevention. We serve as on-site representatives for our clients nationwide.

Special Services

Our team of specialized professionals and technicians is integrated into our clients' operations, performing critical roles in engineering and operations, and contributing our expertise to the challenges they face. Additionally, we provide a range of specialized services to our clients, who value our extensive experience with various operators in Latin America, and, our responsibilities in engineering, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of telecommunications networks and technical sites.

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