Mobile Network Sites Maintenance

We take care of the preventive and corrective maintenance of mobile network infrastructure, transmission, climate control, power, and security of technical sites. We run the service at sites with varying characteristics, urban and rural, equipped with the necessary gear to reach hard-to-access locations, operating in a 24x7 mode.


Mobile Networks Site Construction

We execute technological upgrades projects. Capacity expansion for mobile telephony, transmission enhancements, radioelements, climate and energy, for outdoor and indoor sites.

Mobile Technical Sites Audit

We conduct technical audits at mobile telephony sites, focusing on assessing the state and components of operational services, including transmission, climate control, and energy aspects. The audits may involve cleaning and maintenance tasks, as well as the installation and commissioning of new or existing equipment. Additionally, this service includes the survey and analysis of the available physical capacities at the Point of Presence (POP).

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