Network Management

We work with the main telecommunications companies in the country. We implement and manage mobile network projects in various technologies, with vehicles, tools and electronic equipment for the installation of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and radio base facilities.

Currently, we execute the integral management of more than 10 thousand kilometers of optical fiber, coaxial and copper networks, designing and executing preventive, proactive and corrective maintenance plans.

We fully operate the HFC network with our customers. We take care of the maintenance of the network, home installations, transfers, technical services and all the technical interactions in the field, ensuring an end-to-end service for our customers.

We carry out feasibility studies, installation and maintenance of microwave networks such as links, antennas and equipment. Our services range from the line of sight and feasibility studies to the implementation and testing.

We certify and hand over optical fiber and HFC networks in order to ensure that the new infrastructure meets the mechanical and electrical conditions defined in the designs.

We have the largest pool of technicians in the country, developing maintenance activities for an external copper network, for splices and wiring, both in aerial and underground networks.