Fiber Optic Network Maintenance

We design and implement preventive, proactive, and corrective maintenance plans (24x7) for thousands of kilometers of our clients' optical fiber networks. We are accountable for managing backbone cables, network expansions, rings, and last-mile distribution networks (FTTH). We work with both aerial and underground networks, adhering to stringent quality measures to ensure operational continuity.


HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) Network Maintenance

We have one of the country's most extensive experiences in maintaining HFC networks, with a broad nationwide presence that enables us to timely manage technical indicators, thereby implementing preventive, proactive, and corrective actions (24x7). This encompasses both the active and passive components comprising our clients' network.

Technical Room Operations

We deeply understand the importance of proper maintenance, monitoring, and control in ODF. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service covering inspection, cleaning, and repair of your fiber optic systems. We ensure that your distribution network operates fully, mitigating any risk of interruption or data loss, guaranteeing fast, secure, and reliable connectivity.

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