We have a strong team of professionals with experience in leading global Telcos, which enables us to deliver solutions that provide value to our clients, positioning us as one of the key players in the industry, with a recognized reputation in Chile and internationally. Our area leaders are:

Ramón Cañas

General Manager - CEO

Civil Electrical Engineer from the University of Santiago de Chile, MBA in General Business Management from IEDE Business School and MBA in Business Management and Organization from the University of Lleida, Spain.
He has extensive professional experience in managerial positions forming and leading multidisciplinary work teams. He was VTR’s Vice President of Technology and Operations (CTO), where he had various responsibilities throughout his career, among them: Construction Manager, Zone Manager and Real Estate Development Manager. He was General Manager of the Santiago Subway and previously Operations Manager of the company. During his time in the company he was also President of the World Community of Metros (COMET). He led the operation of the sanitary concession for the Atacama Region as General Manager at Aguas Chañar S.A. At the beginning of his career, he was responsible for opening the first foreign subsidiary of Cocetel, as Country Manager in Argentina.

Miguel Ramos

Operations Manager

Biochemist, with more than 20 years of work experience in national and international companies, holding senior management positions, with relevant experience building and developing different processes related to customer service, planning, control and monitoring of activities in areas of technical and commercial operations. In his career, his performance at DirecTV stands out, where he was Director of Operations. Previously, he worked at VTR, where he had the role of Client Operations Manager.

Jorge Bustos

Devolopment Manager

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in service companies, always dealing directly with technical areas and customer service, both for residential, commercial and corporate activities. Electrical Execution Engineer, MBA in Business Administration from IEDE Business School and Diploma in Operations Management PUC. He has a considerable background in executive roles for different service companies in Chile. Throughout his career he has participated both in the creation of areas and team building, as well as in important restructuring of companies. He was Deputy Manager of Real Estate Development for VTR, Technical Manager for Claro, Technical Manager for Tyco Fire & Security and Engineering and Development Manager for a major national contractor.

Esteban Suazo

Deputy Manager of Administration and Finance

Industrial Civil Engineer from the University of Santiago de Chile, with an MBA from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Professional with extensive experience in executive positions in the areas of administration, finance and management control. Career of more than 18 years in companies of the Sigdo Koppers Comercial group, where he formed and led work teams. He has played various professional roles in efficiency plans, management systems, cost reduction, planning and process execution. Part of his career was developed in Peru, where he managed the formation and operation of one of the subsidiaries of S.K.C. abroad.

Francisco Escobar

People Deputy

Human Resources Management Engineer. He is validating his professional career during the development of his duties in the company. He has graduates in labor law; labor competencies; techniques for developing employability competencies for work effectiveness and updating management tools. Among his achievements in the company is the creation of the training area (which has trained more than 50% of the practicing technicians) and the implementation of the wellness area. Within his responsibilities he leads the Risk Prevention of the different processes.