What makes us proud

Our Pillars

We strive to focus on the customer and guide our decisions and actions every day based on our core values: customers, excellence, talent, teamwork and success.

The loyalty of our customers

Since our beginnings we have had the loyalty of our customers. We seek to continuously improve the Net Promoter Score or NPS, a tool that proposes to measure the loyalty of a company’s customers based on their recommendations.

Our international experience

We have developed operations in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia, and in 2018 we supported the restoration of telecommunications networks in Puerto Rico, after the devastating path of Hurricane María.

Award received

We were recognized by ACHS for our work safety management, which has allowed us to significantly reduce the Company’s accident rates.

Working climate results

We have consistently improved the results in the work climate measurements, and we have focused our actions to maintain a good working environment.

Support to our workers

We have an employee-centered welfare area, and we provide support in health and social security plans of our workers.


We handle waste responsibly and ensure that the waste from our operations (cable and electrical waste) is recycled.

Training our workers

We have financed the professional and technical training of our staff, including three masters degrees, three diploma degrees and ten full undergraduate courses. We have trained more than 50% of our technicians, through the financing of their studies, reaching an amount of 100 new scholarships granted to our technicians during the last three years.

Our operations

We visit more than 20 thousand customers a month in home operations. Most of our home customers assign us the management in strategic areas and the areas of greater value for their business.

Low staff turnover

Our workers stay with us.

Our agreements

We have agreements with an NGO and technical training institutes to provide access to work sources and professional internships.